003. Automated Tracking ID Insertion

What is tracking ID Amazon?

Tracking ID allows the affiliate makers to earn commission through the links with a tracking ID tag to Amazon from their website.

What is the role of Tracking IDs for Amazon Associates?

With tracking IDs, Amazon Associates can analyze the performance of your site or as well as help accumulate earnings under a single Associates ID. For example, if you add the tracking ID affiliatecmsdemo-20 to the site, each ID will generate earnings for your Amazon associate account.

With the Tracking ID and affiliate Associate Amazon Account, you can check all earnings for all tracking IDs simultaneously and generate reports for each tracking ID individually.

Here are some features you can have while using tracking IDs to analyze the performance and build custom links for your website.
  • Getting results faster: You can get the Tracking ID Summary Report with those tracking IDs still active in the requested period, giving you the results faster.
  • Analyzing performance straightforwardly: Data Report for Associates accounts now will contain the tracking ID for each transaction; you can get all the data in a single download instead of a single report for each tracking ID.
  • Saving time while building links. You can change the tracking ID in the resulting code while building links. This helps increase you save time by eliminating repetitive steps.

About tracking IDs

Automated Tracking ID Insertion

On-off mode allows you to activate or deactivate affiliate links whenever you want.

Automated Tracking ID Insertion.png

Each affiliate link will be attached to the tracking ID you added to the site before. With AffiliateCMS.com, you only need to add the ID to the site once, and all product links to Amazon will be automatically valid with this string.

With AffiliateCMS.com, add your site's Amazon Affiliate Tracking ID just once, and you’ll never have to create an Amazon affiliate link manually. Regardless of country, it’ll automatically tag the link with your ID, so you can receive commissions.

Add & Replace Affiliate Links

This is also one of our CMS's most outstanding features when you can easily add and replace Tracking ID on your site. When you sell your business, you can easily replace the old tracking ID with a new one only with some simple clicks.