001. Autopilot Content

Thousands of businesses succeed with our SEO logic


Firstly, you should understand the process we want you to follow if you're going to develop and control our CMS.

You own big data and want to use your property to make money? This story will become a lot easier if you can make the best of that advantage with the assistance of our CMS. Whenever you want to import the list of keywords on the site in both automatic and manual mode, we also can bring you the best solution to optimize all the keywords posted on the site.

There are two content types you can use with AffiliateCMS.com that you need to know: Autopilot content and Unique content.

Autopilot content (Automatically updated keywords)

Our CMS allows you to post tons of keywords at the same time without any disruptions. What you need to do is sit down and take a sip while waiting for our system crawling data from Amazon to your website by adding your API to the CMS. This CMS can draw a huge source of product information back to your website in a couple of seconds, which allows you to create big data on your site to the most shopping experience for the website visitors. Nothing is better than they can directly access a reliable source of information about the products from the manufacturers.

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Do you wonder if your website can be considered a spam site when you add so many no-content keywords? It is not a big deal with our CMS when we offer you a special and unique feature that each auto-updated keyword will come with an article thanks to a variety of SEO formats you add to the site. In other words, our CMS system can help you deal with the problem that how you can do the best in SEO.

Unique content (Manually updated keywords with content)

This content type will come with unique review content that you prioritize updating on the site. If you want to update the keywords on your website manually, then our CMS is ready to offer you many outstanding features which can help you edit and modify the content of the keywords on your web quickly and efficiently. Those keywords are often carefully chosen as they are the main products that website owners want to invest in quality content and referring links to them; therefore, we know that you want those keywords presented on the website in a perfect way.

Manually updated keywords with content.png

That is what we are trying to provide you with this CMS. The formats of each article can be customized according to your preference and aesthetic thanks to the features we add to the CMS. AffiliateCMS.com allows you to modify the layout, update time, create separate sections, add heading tags, and so on.

Additionally, with each article, you can do well in SEO by filling in our SEO combos, including title, meta title, meta description, and short description. To improve the site’s ranking on Google, you’d better know about these four factors and notes when you write this SEO combo. We will offer you detailed instructions on how to deal with long-tail keywords and create the most SEO combo. Creation is infinite, and this CMS brings you the optimal solution to adjust the content in an easy way.

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