002. SEO

AffiliateCMS.Com is a perfect combination of various SEO instruments, which gathers all the advanced all-in-one features to build a professional website that is friendly to all search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and more.

Friendly URLs


Long-tail URLs with a load of characters will not work for SEO on your website. Therefore, AffiliateCMS.com comes with an optimal solution for you as we allow the users to customize user-friendly URLs including the content's title, without query strings attached.

Fast-loading websites

Fast-loading websites.png

Search engines and users will prefer a site that loads fast. All pages on the site are optimized with our CMS, allowing the fattest turnaround among links clicked. Time is gold; therefore, investing in the right CMS will help you save time and create more value for your site.

Sitemap, Robots.txt

You do not need to worry about why search engines index the content too slowly since AffiliateCMS.com operates a standard XML sitemap that helps fasten the indexing process of the entire content on your website. Getting more indexes on your website is one of the decisive factors that influence the ranking of the site on search engines.

Hide Content

Our CMS offers the feature of hiding content you do not want to show on the site. You can show outstanding articles with quality content on the site while hiding keywords with auto formats to avoid the attention of the website crawler.

You can use the on-off mode to show the Review Article on Hom Page, Top Picks Sidebar.

Structured Data: JSON-LD Global Schema​

Structured Data.png

To make it easier for search engines and readers to follow what they see on the site, AffiliateCMS.com HTML is completed with attributes according to schema.org, making tags easily identified.

About Structured Data

Code Inserter+

Code Inserter.png

On AffiliateCMS.com foundation, you can add any third-party scripts, schema, or tracking code to any page on your site. Moreover, our CMS allows you can insert code in the header, footer or anywhere you want. Add codes to your site to link your site to Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster, etc. You can change, edit, or delete the codes on the site at any time.

Title Tag Rewriter

To make your post more friendly to search engines, our CMS offers you the feature of putting your post titles at the beginning of the <title> tag. You are able to easily change the whole contents of the <title> tag for individual posts, pages, or formats on your site.

This option allows you to choose a different title for search engines. It's recommended that it contain a maximum of 70 characters. For example :
  • Insert the main keyword of the page.
  • Place the main keyword at the beginning.
  • Vary the title tags of all your pages to avoid duplication.
  • Do not accumulate keywords in the title.

Meta Descriptions Editor

You can edit the <meta> description tags for any pages, categories, influencing search engines to increase CTR for your website.

You also can use the feature of generating auto meta descriptions or go back to edit old posts if they have not had meta descriptions yet.

This option allows you to choose a different description for search engines. It's recommended to have a length between 200 and 300 characters, by default google displays 150 characters and 160 for Bing. For example :
  • Use keywords in your text, avoid unattractive lists of keywords.
  • Write a unique description for each page of your site.
  • Vary the title tags of all your pages to avoid duplication.
  • Describe the content of the page corresponding to the description, avoid repeating the title.

Meta Robots Tags Editor

On AffiliateCMS.com, you can use meta robots tags (index/noindex and follow/nofollow) or *index/noindex and noarchive and nosnippet for individual links, posts, page, category, etc. Additionally, our CMS can help customize post types and taxonomies.

This option allows you to set the settings of the robots coming from the search engines. Here is some informations :
  • NoIndex : Tells a search engine not to index a page.
  • Index : Tells a search engine to index a page.
  • Follow : Even if the page isn’t indexed, the crawler should follow all the links on a page and pass equity to the linked pages.
  • NoFollow : Tells a crawler not to follow any links on a page or pass along any link equity.

File Editor

You can customize your theme easily from Dashboard.

Internally Link Content (Auto & Manual)

Instead of separately attaching internal links to each anchor text, with our CMS, you only need to do it just once and articles will automatically get internal links to related articles. How convenient it is.

301 Redirects

If you want to improve SEO for your website, then understanding 301 redirects as an SEO is essential. Using 301 Redirect will drive more traffic to your site and bring valuable content to your readers if you use them properly. Below are some main reasons to implement this method on your website:
  • You want to fix a broken URL
  • You change a page to a new home
  • You replace your domain name
  • You need to delete a page
In case you do not know how to use redirects, then you may cause issues to both SEO and the user experience on your website. Read more

404 Page

The website visitors sometimes encounter 404 Not found page when accessing your website for some reason.
  • URLs can be mistyped.
  • Click enter with a broken or truncated link
  • The content is deleted
You also can help these unlucky visitors get out of this dead-end situation by providing them with a section called “Enhance 404 pages”. This solution aims to improve user experience by supplying them with useful recommendations based on the incorrect URL. They will no longer hopelessly see a dead 404 page and navigate away from your site. Read more About 404 page

Hide direct detail links

The purpose of affiliate links is to help the website owner track the traffic that your website sends to a merchant. Those links always comprise codes identifying key information about the program.

However, our CMS allows you to hide these tags if necessary. Although Google considers those affiliate links a proper form of monetization, we all know that the first impression to build customer trust is significant on your website.

In fact, the destination links you place on your website will hugely influence the customers’ trust in your web. Instead of attaching the direct affiliate links with the identification code to Amazon, why don’t you cloak the tag to make the links look more worth trusting?

Is it possible and beneficial to hide direct detail links (affiliate links) from search engines? Read more

Canonical URL

This option allows you to choose canonical URL for search engines. A canonical URL is the URL of the page that Google thinks is most representative from a set of duplicate pages on your site. The canonical URL of a page can be on a different domain.
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