005. Users

The website owners can now unload their responsibility for other colleagues by adding more users to the website and authorizing them to work in your community. ON AffiliateCMS.com, you can assign the new users specific roles to do their work. Each user is aware of their roles and responsibilities to do on your website.

Screen Shot 2022-09-29 at 11.48.40.png

Make sure you grant system access to the right users, and you must know that you are responsible for how the user will use your system.
  • Editor (Default Author): This person has all the necessary permissions for a user or group to make significant changes to your organization. When you seek assistance, Customer Care may require other permissions and roles. The Editor can modify the existing roles of other users on your site. As long as the administrator decides to assign a role for a user, that user receives website access and permissions immediately.
  • Manager: A manager is responsible for performing some specific actions in your organization, such as posting articles and editing some basic information. What a manager can do depends on the editor’s decision. A manager can log into your organization to view and edit posts if the permissions to take these actions are available to authorized managers.
  • Admin: Admin is the most powerful person on the website, who will be granted the access to make the changes to the whole site.