004. Monetization

Would you like to earn a few extra bucks without effort on your website? What you should do is put up a few ads from third parties, take a sip, and wait for the cash to roll in.

Website owners now earn money not only from affiliate links but also from advertisers for their own businesses. Third-party businesses may work with you to ask for permission to post a banner on your site.

You can easily insert HTML snippets provided by your partners into useful points on your pages. If you used to have to edit a single file or template, now you can do it only once, saving a lot of time.

To attract the attention of many businesses looking for effective ad spaces, your website should appear fantastic with a great niche market, stable traffic volume, and the good ad placement that your website can offer them. Below are the good placements on AffiliateCMS.com where you can put your advertisements:

  • Home
  • Review - After product no. 3
  • Review - After Related reviews
  • Post - Ads after content blocks
  • Post - Sidebar
  • Product - Sidebar
  • Product - After Related reviews
Screen Shot 2022-09-29 at 11.39.46.png

Keep in mind that these ads should be relevant to your site's content; in other words, they will reflect the content on your site. Therefore, you will need to consider it carefully before illegal ads can cause us unexpected troubles.